Rental Cars

Our on-site Enterprise Rental Car department will handle your rental right here, so that’s one less stop you have to make.

I was very satisfied from start to finish. I worked with both Pamela and Elias. Both were wonderful. When I saw my car after it was repaired, my instant reaction was “WOW! It’s beautiful!” Thank you! I would highly recommend!

Carol L.

This was my first time at the shop, and a deer hit my car and totaled the front and drivers side of my Volkswagen. The owner of the shop and all of his workers are extremely organized and professional and worked well with my insurance company to get my car fixed. I was given updates about my car when it was being detailed, painted, etc. and when I picked it up it was good as new! Made my day and I’ll definitely be going back if need be! 10/10!

stephanie bishara

I am satisfied with the outcome.

Wilkimore W.

Excellent job. Completed when promised

Nicholas R.