Leased Vehicle

Before you return your lease, bring it to CIC. We will inspect it at no cost with a professional eye to find, and if necessary, repair minor damages that the dealership will want to overcharge you for.

Service was fantastic, fine job. George and the girls at the desk went out of their way to help me. I would highly recommend them.

James G.

Great experience, quick turnaround.

Olga T.

Great service, professional and courteous staff, ease of process and procedure. 5 stars. 👏🏻

Paul O'sullivan

Looks great to me! If I ever need addl. work on any of my vehicles I you would definitely definitely be the go to repair shop. The work Was done in a reasonable amount of time, Enterprse car rental was Conveniently on-site, from what I have seen so far, work was well done, and customer service were friendly. Thanks for a job well done!

George C.