BASF Glasurit 90 Line Paint

CIC is proud to spray BASF Glasurit 90-Line Paint, a high-quality waterborne paint that delivers optimal color accuracy and a long lasting shine. CIC’s commitment to the environment made BASF Glasurit 90-Line Paint an obvious choice. It is better for the environment and has a very low solvent content.

The agent was wonderful she put a smile on my face with my upvrade. She definitely has the personality for her job. Excellent customer service

Renee S.

The service was excellent. The repairs were done well and quicker than I expected. Everyone was very nice and helpful too. I am very satisfied.

Steven M.

Keep up the good job. You are doing well

Ariel T.

Excellent service, very professional. My advisor, Mr. Jorge Acevedo- professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. Very patient with explanations. The car was repaIred promptly, and was meticulously washed and cleaned inside.- overall great!

Edita Popilskis