Collision Repair Paint Terms

Basecoat - The basecoat is the first layer of paint, and is usually highly pigmented, or strongly colored. A basecoat/clear is a type of paint system in which the basecoat offers the color, and gloss and durability are provided by an additional coat.

Clear Coat - The clear coat is the top layer of paint which usually has no pigment, or no color. Its durability and gloss are to protect the pigmented layer it covers.

Chip Guard - Usually added to panels that are lower on the body, the chip guard exists to protect these parts of the vehicle from sharp stones.

Coat - A coat is a layer of paint.

Direct Gloss - This is a kind of paint that contains pigment, but requires no top or clear coat. It contains pigment, gloss, and it’s durable on its own.

Enamel - This topcoat is a layer of paint that forms a film during the drying process.

Gloss - Gloss describes how well a painted surface reflects light, like a mirror. The level of gloss can vary depending on the paint.

Masking - Masking is a temporary process where the areas that aren’t being painted are covered to protect them from excess paint.

Pigment - Pigment is what gives paint color. When mixed in, pigment can be mixed to create new colors of paint, but it is always separate from the paint - pigment is insoluble.

Primer - A primer is the first layer in a painting system, and it can be applied to an unpainted surface. Its job is to protect the unpainted surface, called a substrate, and prepare it for the application of paint.

Primer-Sealer - A primer sealer is a combination of a primer and a sealer. It does the job of both: it seals the surface below, usually one that has previously been painted and then sanded off, and it preps the surface for the application of new paint.

Sealer - A sealer is like a primer for previously painted surfaces. It helps to seal in old sanded down paint, and provide a surface adequate for new paint.

Substrate - This is a name for an unpainted surface.

Tint and Blend - This process involves mixing color and paint in attempt to recreate an existing color, and then adding the paint to the surface and blending it to match.

Tinter - Tinter is a colored pigment or paint used to adjust the color of paint so that it matches the goal color.

I had an excellent experience from the time I dropped off my car. They texted me throughout the process to let me know the status of the repair and the work was excellent!

Jennifer B.

I just had my vehicle done and extremely very grateful for the services rendered ... A Big THANK YOU to Joe for accommodating me even though they were overwhelmed with all the works they have and to Marlon for the ever professional attentions he gave... big shout out to Dawn and Christine and the team for their satisfactory job well done. THANK YOU

Albert M

Clarkstown Collision went above and beyond. They do a beautiful job on the repair of my car, and every person I worked with or spoke to was thoughtful and kind. Everything was made so incredibly convenient for me, I barely had to think about anything other than dropping my car off and picking it up.

June Chaiyasit

Staff were nice and professional.

Mi P.