Everything you Need to Know About Airbags

Airbags: we all see the little signs on the steering wheel, the dashboard, or the doors. Thankfully, airbags are a safety feature we’re never without in modern cars. How much do know about airbags? When an airbag goes off, it can be painful. Any crash that causes your airbags to go off is like...

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How to Safely Correct a Slide on an Icy Road

Snow, ice, and below freezing temperatures might make a beautiful view from indoors, but when we have to go out in this winter weather it can be dangerous. If you do end up skidding across an icy road, it is possible to to remain calm and regain control of your car. Take your foot off

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How to Prepare for Winter Driving and Stay Safe on the Roads

Winter is arriving quickly this year! Road have already been covered in snow or ice from overnight temperatures that drop below freezing. It’s always good to review good habits for winter driving to keep you and your family safe on the roads this winter. Dress for the Weather When the temperat...

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Your Rights as a Car Repair Consumer

There are certain topics that every car owner should know when having their vehicle repaired. Taking your car to the repair shop isn’t generally something people are familiar with (because hopefully it doesn’t happen all that often!) But, if you are in an accident, it’s important that you know...

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Minimum Car Insurance Requirements

The required car insurance depends on the state in which you live and register your vehicle. Most states require insurance, and those that don’t still holds drivers financially responsible for damaging property and people in the case of an accident. What does minimum car insurance cover? Again...

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Summer Road Trip Tips

With more people on the roads in the summer, it’s no surprise that car accidents increase during the warmer months too. Summer brings other challenges to drivers too: more road construction, longer days with sleepier drivers, and more drunk driving. Taking a few minutes to review summer drivin...

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